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    THERAMED Pharmaceuticals
    With Advance Lab. Technology
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    Enabeling a Healthy & Happy
    Life Every Where
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    DEVELOPING Advance
    Health Care Products
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    Improving Access To Health Care
    In Developing COUNTRIES
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    Meeting Some of Society's
    Biggest Health Care Challenges
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    Manufacturing Medicine In
    Hygenically Clean Environment
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    Effective Medicine Formulation
    Quickly Returns Your Health For Your Life Routine

We Are leading regional multinational pharmaceutical company with 10 years of experience in the persuit of health and wellbeing.

THeramed Pharmaceuticals Proud

Aproved - Green Line Production

Theramed Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. has manufacturing Licence no. 000696 and is GMP & ISO certified company having manufacturing facility of;

  Tablet - General & Antibiotics.
  Capsule - General & Antibiotics.
  Dry Syrup - General & Antibiotics.
  Psychotropic - Tablet & capsule.
  Oral Liquid.
  Injectable - (Toll Manufacturing).

Now Theramed Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. is also ready for inspection of its new section;

  Topical Liquid.
  Veterinary Liquid.
  Veterinary Dry Powder.

Our Capabilities - Make Us Customer Choice

Product Safety
Full Compliance
Product Benchmarking
Zero Defects
Every One's Commitment

Our Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutial is the generic division of the group actively engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of banded generic pharmaceutical products.

Consumer health

The Consumer Healthcare Division is THeramed foray into the ever expanding portfolio of the worldwide consumer health industry.

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