About Theramed


Theramed Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. (GMP & ISO) Certified Company, is established since 2010. It is a part of group of companies includes;

 Theramed Healthcare (Manufacturing of Nutraceuticals & Herbal Products)
 Fazal Chemicals Pvt Ltd. (Leading Manufacturers of Sulphuric Acid and Fertilizers & Importers of Industrial Chemicals)
 Galimune International (Importer of Veterinary products including vaccine)

Why Choose Us?

Theramed Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. has manufacturing Licence no. 000696 and is GMP & ISO certified company having manufacturing facility of;

  Tablet - General & Antibiotics.
  Capsule - General & Antibiotics.
  Dry Syrup - General & Antibiotics.
  Psychotropic - Tablet & capsule.
  Oral Liquid.
  Injectable - (Toll Manufacturing).

Now Theramed Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. is also ready for inspection of its new section;

  Topical Liquid.
  Veterinary Liquid.
  Veterinary Dry Powder.

Our Skills

Our commitment towards "Healthy & Happy Life" is embodied in our skills

Product Safety
Full Compliance
Product Benchmarking
Zero Defects
Every One's Commitment

Theramed Healthcare

  Oral Liquid.

  Oral Liquid.

Now Theramed Healthcare undergo in further Expansion of it's new section;

  Oral Liquids - Probiotic.
  Capsule - Probiotic.
  Sachet - Probiotic.

  Food Supplement.

Theramed Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. & Theramed Healthcare manufacturing unit is fully equipped and have experience management in every discipline.
It has more than 260 registered products and 120 in pipeline of registration. The firm has exploring new horizon to international Market besides looking some Good customer at national Level.

Theramed HealthCare

Cure with Care

The quality policy of Theramed (Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare) is to CURE WITH CARE and we are well aware of that quality is the background of every business success and key factor of productivity and market competitiveness.

Production & Control

Production and Control of Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals are carried out in compliance with GMP requirements and other international standards, thus assuring the quality and strict compliance with environmental management standards.


Company uses inside as well as outside expertise for Pest, Rodent control and Calibrations. Primary calibration as per traceability report of vendor and secondary calibration other services obtained from the external agencies as per calibration schedules.